Tutorial Title: Optimization in Active Power Distribution Systems: Fundamentals and

Hours: 2 Hour: Fundamentals and Applications)
Date, Time: 30th of August; 4PM-6PM (Kadir Has University- D107-Online)


Fees: 50 Euros for Masters and PhD Students

          75 Euros for Rest

          The payments will be made on site. Please send an email to [email protected] for attendance

Abstract: The proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs) and the deployment of
advanced sensing and control technologies in electric power distribution systems calls for
coordinated management of the grid’s resources. This has led to a growing interest in academia
and industry alike on optimization methods for the large-scale unbalanced power distribution
systems for improved operational efficiency and resilience. The current fast-paced research in
this domain is driven by the challenging mathematical problem of three-phase distribution
optimal power flow (DOPF). This tutorial aims to introduce the state-of-the-art optimization
methods applied to unbalanced power distribution systems and their use cases for distribution
systems applications. We will start with a discussion on the different models for formulating the
distribution DOPF problem and discuss their trade-offs. Next, we will describe the approach to
formulate three relevant and advanced distribution level applications on Volt/VAr Optimization,
Feeder Reconfiguration, and Network Restoration. This tutorial will also include hands-on
demonstration codes on modeling some of the DOPF model using MATLAB scripts and state-
of-the-art optimization solvers.
Topics Covered:
Fundamentals: Overview of Distribution Grid Component Models and Power Flow, Distribution
Optimal Power Flow (DOPF) Fundamentals, Non-Linear DOPF, Linear DOPF, Approximation
and Relaxation Methods, Mixed-Integer DOPF, Recent Advancements in DOPF (e.g.,
Distributed, Iterative methods) (2 Hours)
Applications: Volt/VAr Optimization, Feeder Reconfiguration, Network Restoration (1 Hour)


Instructors: Dr. Sumit Paudyal, Associate Professor, Florida International University
Dr. Anamika Dubey, Associate Professor, Washington State University Pullman
Dr. Sukumar Kamalasadan, Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte