Due to rapid changes in the electrical power industry and the energy sector, this conference aims to address some of the classical and new problems. 
The subject areas covered include, but are not restricted to:
·         Power Systems Operations and Control
·         Distributed Generations
·         Data Analytical Methods and Implementation InSmart Grids
·         Renewable Energy Systems
·         Power Systems Simulation and Analysis
·         Smart Grids
·         Energy Storage
·         Integration of Renewable Sources
·         HVDC, FACTS, and Power Electronics
·         Power Quality
·         Electricity Markets
·         Protection Systems
·         Electromagnetics and Electrostatics
·         Reliability Analysis
·         ICT for Future Electricity Grids
·         High Voltage Engineering
·         Electrical Machines and Drives
·         Electric Vehicles and Transport
·         Condition Monitoring and Diagnostics
·         Electrical Services for Buildings
·         Transient Analysis and EMTP Modelling
·         Power Engineering Education